Scenery in Guam ~September~

You can see a beautiful blue sky even though it’s a rainy season in Guam, this year.
BB6875B2-4957-48E3-96E8-AB09E29020C6E6628006-F881-4CE7-8E32-C486EA699147 174F70F0-FAF3-4D51-BA97-48707DEE3D89 0E90B26E-5584-41DA-AC6E-34787E03124E 0E84752B-4344-424F-896D-ED302E4DFCE3 5AFC74BB-BC55-4C8B-A81A-759A76ADC613Even Cloudy day,  you can see beauty of natureBD81AAAA-DE34-4C9F-A322-FBB23F4544AA viewing from the other side!DDD5B614-2E79-4F3C-A128-43138C656D09

Hello from GTDS



It’s been a wonderful day in GUAM.


We have a lot of chance to see the beautiful rainbow


It’s been an amazing blue sky even it’s called rainy season in August.